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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Best Money Market & Savings Accounts

Money Market Savings Account provides a fully liquid savings account option that offers you higher interest rate than the traditional passbook savings and is easily accessible and reliable just like a checking account. With both the Internet and traditional accessibility options available, the Money Market Savings can be easily customized to suit your banking needs.

Money Market saving account offers a very competitive market rates as compared to other accounts and provides limited and restricted access to the funds through checks, withdrawals and third-party transfers.
Money Market saving account is a flexible account which provides opportunities to earn higher rates on higher balances.
Money Market saving account allows us to make unlimited amount of deposits.
Money Market saving account provides the service of phone, ATM, Internet without any additional cost.

Money Market saving account has a limited amount of check writing abilities: no more than six preauthorized, third-party transfers per statement cycle, of which not more than three of the checks or draft is allowed.
Money Market saving account restricts the customer to have a required minimum or maximum balance.
More interest on money market account is there than the saving bank account.

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