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Friday, January 03, 2003


“With the computer revolution augmenting its domain and information technology becoming a household necessity, no field has indeed remained untouched by it. To quote a recent instance, the medical fraternity has joined the bandwagon and has coined the term “CD BABY”. The term CD baby indeed sounds like some fashionable ‘character’ of the computer world but in reality CD BABY means “Chronically distressed baby”. According to the medical dictionary CD BABY is a situation of extreme stress found among babies. Well! Here we are hoping to be a baby in order to lead a stress less life. But this recent finding has blown away any such myth that babies did not undergo any stress.

In a press conference, doctors revealed that if the state of the CD BABY is not detected at an early stage, it may lead to complications venting out in the form of personality disorders and other psychological problems. The symptoms of a CD BABY are indeed difficult to detect since most babies keep reacting normally except that they constantly flinch a lot. This revelation about ‘CD BABY’ has indeed distressed mothers all over the world considering most are worried over the detection of this disease.

Doctors also divulged that the intensity of CD BABY directly depends upon the amount of stress the mother underwent while the baby was still in the womb. As far as the cure is concerned, the doctors said that the problem of cd baby as far now is incurable as no drug has been formulated to combat it. But they are hopeful that by end of this year they will ‘tamed’ the “CD BABY” and mothers shall be provided relief. Whatever may be the reason, the problem of CD BABY has arrived and we all need to make concerted efforts to keep mothers and babies happier than before, if we are to escape a ‘CD BABY’ and have a healthy and active ‘normal’ baby.
(NOTE: The article is a new item published in the year 3028. In other words, article is a “figment of imagination of the writer”.)