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Tuesday, January 21, 2003


Changes in every field have automatically induced changes in the way toys are now designed and marketed all over the world. For instance. Now the term toy does not mean only plastic toys or toys like bat ball or dolls but it means a lot more. From the very beginning the thing that attracts lots of baby consumers has been the baby doll. Baby doll-incessant transition in the methodology of production and variation in preference and tastes has seen changes in this term too and now a multitude of designer baby dolls are available in the market. A baby doll no more means a doll that could hardly speak or play or be musical or dance in the same way as your baby does.

Baby doll brand which has attracted a large number of consumers has been Barbie which is a complete set from the birth of baby doll till its wedding, its family, friends, kids etc. The basic thing is that it is available in all different forms and is adorned in different attractive dresses. Beside Barbie other baby dolls are musical dolls. The special feature of musical baby dolls present in the market is that they have music in them for all the baby occasions. There are life size baby dolls also which can be room partner with your baby. One of the special kinds of baby dolls are the dancing dolls who dance at the beat of the music.

Baby dolls have created market for the baby products as lots of baby doll fans are there. It also serves as a purposeful gift to be given on different baby occasions. The best part about baby dolls is that they suit the pocket of all income strata. So now your baby need not weep and complain for having no partner with whom she can share her innocent feelings or dance around. Because baby dolls are here to stay!