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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Tips for Teenagers

-Set and keep realistic goals.
-Create a flexible plan to reach each goal.
-Include sub-goals and make sure that you have a way of measuring your progress.
-Monitor your progress.
-Make changes in planning if you have to.
-Use your time wisely.
-Try to work "smarter" than "harder".
-Develop good problem solving skills.
-Don't forget to be flexible.
-Try not to think of obstacles as reasons why you can't accomplish something.
-Think of them as challenges.
-Find a way around them or over them.
-Your confidence in yourself and your abilities will grow with experience.
-You may have to adjust your timeline to reach a goal, but that's ok.
-Ask for help and support if you need it.
-Don't be afraid to fail.
-We are all human and we all experience failure.
-Think of it positively as a learning experience and think about what you would do differently.
-Pay attention to detail, but don't be a perfectionist.
-Loosen up and give yourself credit when you deserve it!
-It's not humanly possible always to be the best all of the time.
-Pay more attention to what you have done, not what remains to be done.