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Monday, November 22, 2004

Business Cards

Many business card services now offer next day printing. Having business cards for your company created used to be challenging. Using a local print service, designing the cards could be time consuming, and printing could take weeks. The Internet has changed business card printing forever. Now, it is quite easy to print hundreds or thousands of business cards for your company or employees, often within just a few short hours, and with overnight delivery. However, like most things on the Internet, when buying business cards, be sure to research who you are buying from. Specifically, when looking to have business cards printed, be sure to look for: 1. A printing service that is able to provide advance proofs of your business card design before you begin full order printing. 2. A service that is able to help you design your business cards, if you need the assistance, and one that provides high-quality, professional design. 3. A service that allows you to select the stock of paper your business cards will be printed on, or clearly discloses the thickness of the paper. Note that some of the cheaper services may save you money, but print cards on flimsy paper that may damage the image of your business as much as it helps. 4. A service that does not have any special hidden fees or charges, and is very clear in it's pricing. By following these recommendations, as well as doing your own research, you will likely be able to find a very competent service that can meet your business card needs.