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Saturday, January 04, 2003


Beauty and modeling no longer remains the field of grown-up, well trained professional modals. Babies have carved a niche for themselves in the world of modeling and it’s not a “small niche”. Babies command a big chunk of consumer products and who else can be used to market them best than babies themselves. For sure “baby modeling” is a trend which is sure to stay. Today we see babies modeling for T.V. commercials and still advertisements in newspaper and magazines.Infact baby models are an instant source of attraction. On entering any store which deals in baby stuff, it is inevitable to come across really cute ‘baby models’ adorning the walls and counters of the place. They make an immediate impact on the mind of the consumer for their cute looks are the best way to propagate the product.

But it indeed is a tough job to have babies model for the particular product since they are not really ‘modeling’ because apparently they remain unaware of the nuances of the modeling assignment. To get a baby to model is somewhat a daunting task. It almost becomes hilarious since the photographers and technical staff seems clueless as how to control the baby. A baby model for sure is more demanding than a grown up-not in monetary terms but in terms of energy and attention. One has to be on his toes in order to get the desire effect out of a baby modeling campaign.

To quote a few instances, we have babies modeling in advertisements of huggies and Johnson and Johnson baby products. Those advertisements actually became so popular that some people awaited the commercial of huggies.I certainly was one out of them.

It definitely seems that the field of modeling has scope for babies and it is definitely going to become a major part of the advertisement and marketing strategies of companies, especially the ones dealing in baby goods to have babies model for them.