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Sunday, January 19, 2003


“The cry of the new born is heard. All are excited and happy. They want to welcome the new guest arrived in this world. Doctors come out and congratulate -one on the arrival of the baby and second on the baby being a boy.” Yes, the amount of happiness and joy doubles itself on hearing that the baby is a baby boy, especially in a country like India which is infested with the notion that a baby boy is a must in order to perpetuate the family name and traditions. The birth of a baby boy actually becomes a ‘news’ and is given much importance.

Baby boy is considered as one of the blessings of the Almighty. Baby boys are taken in the form of support for their parents during old age. Beside all such things, the presence of baby boys in the society is preferred more in comparison to baby girls. Even the market trends and strategy display an attitude of nepotism towards the baby boys by coming up with products especially for boys. Special baby boy’s products are more expensive also. Products available for baby boys in the market are baby boy soaps, lotions, creams, toys etc.

It is also worth notice that researches have shown that majority of healthy babies born are baby boys only. Many new games have been launched to make development of baby boys at a little faster rate than usual development rate of growth. Baby boys have forced people to make best arrangements for them in regard to their health and care. Many institutions are coming into existence that generally looks after mothers and baby boys after their delivery. In deed baby boys have the privilege of acquiring a demi-god status in India.