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Friday, January 17, 2003


Gone are those days when birth of baby girl was considered as bad omen. Now the world has changed. Girls have taken a place equal to boys in all the fields. The birth of baby girl is now celebrated with similar pomp and show as that of a boy. Baby girls are now being preferred more as compared to boys.

The revolution girls have brought through their hard work has astonished everybody. The birth of baby girl now gives equal joy and happiness to family and parents which was experienced at the birth of baby boy. Baby girls have proved that there are certain fields which are definitely meant for them only. Some to describe are fashion and dresses. The strength of dresses available in the market is more for baby girls than for boys. So the task of mothers is made easier as they have wide variety of designer baby outfits at their disposal in case of baby girl. It has also been observed that baby girls have more adaptable nature as compared to boys. Baby girls accept changes much faster than boys. Their power to recognize is developed much faster. It has also been observed that the companies are specially coming up with products meant for baby girls. Such products are either related to toys or baby bathing products. Some of the researches have also shown that a mother faces less strain wile giving birth to baby girls.
To conclude, it is not wrong to say that boys are boys till they get their wives but daughters are daughters for whole of their life .So in future it should not make any difference to those who are already parents of baby girls. Rather they can take pride in saying that they are parents to baby girls.