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Thursday, January 02, 2003


As you must have gathered, there is no single cause for stammering, a combination of different factors are involved. There are no impossible words for those who stammer -- only those which he has grown to fear. Stammering can be overcome, but recovery is not quick. It is rather gradual, with ups and downs. Excitement, confusion, fatigue and uncertainty, often increase stammering.

Helpful tips for teenagers who stammer
  1. Keep calm when you talk. The harder you try to conceal it, the worse it gets. So go with the flow. If your thoughts flow at an even pace, your speech will get better. Use pauses to give yourself time.
  2. People are more interested in what you are saying rather than how you are saying it. Don't assume they are judging your ability to articulate. Never assume the worst.
  3. Notice other people's communication skills - no one is perfect! Some people mumble, others talk too fast and some don't make sense at all!
  4. Smile and try to look relaxed. Practise deep breathing. It will help you focus on the issue at hand, and away from your stammering. Don't start speaking until you are ready. When you care less about your stammering, it often decreases.
  5. Ask leading questions first, (e.g.- "Where do you live? work? or go to school?" etc) if you're not in a mood to talk. This stops people from asking you questions!
  6. Don't hide your problems like a skeleton in your cupboard. Try to talk about your stammer to someone today. Mention the stammer casually, like it is no big deal - and you will be relieved to see that it isn't.
  7. When alone practise saying the words that usually worry you. Praise yourself every time you get it right. Don't be critical of yourself. Instead keep noticing the progress you make in your speech and in your attitude.
  8. Set and achieve a small goal every day - and pat yourself on the back. Speak a little more than you usually do. Stand in class to volunteer your opinion. You are bright and intelligent-so what if you stutter! Your opinion matters.