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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Moving Companies

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 43 million Americans move each year, approximately 16% of the population. Moving can be quite a challenge, whether just moving a few blocks, across town, or across the country. As always, it is important to plan your move well in advance, and if you are not planning to move by yourself, contact a variety of moving companies for quotes. Moving companies are generally able to provide a quote to you online, or by sending someone to your house or apartment. The moving company representative will take a basic inventory of your belongings, estimating how many boxes you will need, and of what size and shape. Moving companies will also estimate how much room is needed in one of their trucks. Moving companies quote their rates based on the distance of the move, the amount (bulk and weight) of your belongings, the time of the year, and how many workers will be used to load and/or unload. Most moving companies will be able to pack your belongings for you if you prefer, although it will be considerably more expensive. It is recommended that you pack yourself to prevent possible damage to treasured belongings, and to reduce your costs. When moving a long distance, keep in mind that moving companies will often make several stops along the way, so this may add considerably to overall move time. When looking for a moving company that fits your needs, be sure to check on their license, insurance policies, guarantees on shipment dates, and overall price. Be on the lookout for special charges or fees that may add to your costs. It is recommended that you always get at least three quotes from moving companies to ensure you are being bid a fair price.