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Monday, January 06, 2003


“Always be my baby”-the term is symbolic of innocence and love reflected by a baby which makes us eiders hope that our loved ones must “always be our babies” meaning as secure, loving, caring and peaceful as a baby. Well! But we have now a commercialized version of term ‘Always be my baby’- a dating joint –the first of its kind for all the want to be lovers and for the established ones too. According to the marketing professionals, this is the beginning of a new fad which is soon going to become a rage in the city beautiful.

The owners reveal that the idea of opening this joint emerged from the dearth of dating points available to youngsters. They are planning to open a chain of always be my Baby-dating joints in the country. As far as the choice of name is concerned, it is known that Mr.Vikram, the proprietor was habitual of repeating this line to his kids and that’s how the joint was named “Always be my baby”

The name reminds me of the song “Always be my baby” which was sung by a local college group. Being still a teenager, I thought that “Always be my baby” as the ultimate song ever sung. I was dreaming of posters reading “Always be my baby” adorning the walls of every building, every street. But alas! This was not to be “Always be my baby” slithered into oblivion.
Although necessarily I am an optimist, yet I am afraid and hope that ‘Always Be My baby’ dating joint does not meet a similar end and goes on to fulfill my unfulfilled expectations from the “song” I had once loved like nothing else.

Personally I feel I am fascinated by the sentence “Always be my baby” and hope that all else get hooked to it too.