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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Free Access to Worldwide Flight Schedules

Attention frequent travelers,

What if you could visit one website and see ALL worldwide flight schedules – not just the ones online booking sites and travel agents limit you to? Now you can, FREE!

OAGflights.com is the only complete worldwide database of daily updated flight schedules (more than 900 airlines – nearly twice as many as other sites). Spend less time arranging travel and find the best choice to your destination.

The smartest frequent travelers use OAGflights.com to:
• Find flights from all scheduled and no-frill airlines
• Make more efficient travel plans
• Get the status of your flight
• Respond to changes in travel plans more quickly
• Download flight schedules to your PDA for fast access

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“OAGflights.com is the most effective tool for travel planning. I can access ONE website and see all possible flights.”

G. Glader - President
Network Safety Consultants Inc.

Free Access to Worldwide Flight Schedules