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Tuesday, January 14, 2003


The basic needs of each and every individual are food, clothing and shelter. Be it an adult or a baby the existence of these needs is same for everyone. But there is an extreme gap between the intensity and quality of wants of an adult as compared to that of a baby. An adult can express his likes and dislikes by communicating it to others but a baby cannot do so. Talking about the needs is of utmost importance in case of a baby is clothing. Baby clothing requires special attention. Various factors that need to be borne in mind while deciding on the aspect of baby clothing are varied. Baby clothing basically depends on the gender, season, textile and amount of comfort that fabric can provide to a baby.

It is usually seen that mothers do have a tendency of making a baby wear wrong type of clothes. Different books have been published in this regard so that a baby can be made to feel comfortable. Many child care specialists have always given their advice that if a baby is small and between 0-1 years he or she should be covered with light weight fabrics. Instead of wrapping a baby in thick clothes it is always convenient to wrap the baby in cotton sheet during summer time. Lots of difficulties are faced in regard to baby clothing hence number of suggestions are available. The foremost stands that baby should never be dressed in clothes which create rashes or itching on baby’s skin. As we have a habit of dressing baby in clothes that have material not suiting baby skin, the result is harmful for the babies. Next goes on that baby should never be left in wet clothes as this leads to several fungal skin diseases. Once worn baby nappies should not be used again. Proper arrangements should be made as regard to baby’s feed also. Baby bibs should be according to baby’s age. Also the color combination plays an important role while picking up baby clothes. One must stick to bright and comfortable colors and avoid dull or very dark colors. Choice of color also depends upon baby’s complexion.
Keeping such factors in mind one can definitely keep babies happy by providing them with good and comfortable baby clothing.