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Sunday, January 05, 2003


A small infant born in the family brings along with him or her immense happiness and joy to all the members of the family. A small baby is just equal to an angel who is unaware of the worldly tricks and performs the duty of bringing smile on everyone’s face. Just as an angel he fulfills everyone’s wishes of being happy. Hence, it will not be wrong to call a baby an “ANGEL”. Babies are part of everyone’s life. They bring happiness, joy, pleasure in everyone’s life. They give smile to all the sad faces. They convert the tears of eyes into pearls of immense value. Babies are just like angels who always with their innocence keep teaching us many things.

As angels impart the knowledge of being helpful, peace, love towards everyone, so does the baby. A small baby who has just entered the world experiences all things slowly and gradually thereby teaching us the lesson to have patience and building the power of tolerance. They teach us to adjust under all circumstances, they even tell us to face all problems with extreme will and strength, and they bring all the people together, to share sorrows and happiness by being united. Babies are great scholars, who in their childhood teach many things which no one can do after being opened to materialistic society.

A baby is an angel who despite entering a world so corrupt and polluted keeps himself pure and innocent and gives us wisdom through every act of his.