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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. Well! A lot is the answer. Naming a baby is a ceremony which takes precedence in almost every culture and every part of the world. Every one strives to give their babies a name which is nice and distinct.

Due to gender diversification, baby boys are given names which set them apart from the female gender. In a country like India, baby boy names are sought in such a manner so as to give the baby boy a name which reflects masculinity. Other criteria which determine a baby boy’s name are religion, status, trend and obviously gender to name a few. For instance a Muslim baby boy will have a name like Kamraan whereas a Hindu baby boy will be named Vikrant. Basically people draw inspiration from their holy scriptures while naming their babies be it a boy or a girl.

Culture too plays a part in determining names of baby boys. We are almost immediately able to detect the country of an athlete due to his name. A Russian has an entirely distinctive name reflecting his origin compared to Japanese. Naming baby boys in some countries is a sacred tradition done with more care and attention as compared to naming baby girls. Once again I would like to cite the example of India where baby boys are welcomed and the ceremony of naming them is done with considerable pomp and show depending on ones status and financial standing. And name definitely serves the all important function of establishing the identity of a person in this world. So the importance of naming babies does justify its significance in every culture.