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Thursday, January 09, 2003


Commercialization has left no field untouched. Babies do form a significant percentage of the consumer market and hence it is not surprising to see so many baby stores springing up everywhere. Baby stores cater specifically to the needs of babies. It is imperative to find every object which a baby might need in a baby store.

Baby stores indeed have made lives easier for parents since they are able to find everything under one roof. Added to it is the benefit of quality and branded stuff which assures the buyer that the baby is using the best thing.

But there is a dark side to the concept of baby stores too. It is leading to over indulgence. The multitude of baby products actually tempts people to dish out money on unnecessary items. For instance parents are ‘guided’ by the professionals in the baby store and are made aware of various expensive toys of branded companies. But child psychology is such that a baby after some time discards any toy and looks for a new piece which could grab his attention. A baby may not enjoy playing with a toy which is expensive, rather he draw considerable enjoyment from a piece of paper.

On the whole baby stores have carved a niche for themselves in the market and economy. With people suffering from dearth of time, baby stores indeed are a wonderful concept considering one doesn’t have to bother looking for a pin in a stack of chaff. Everything is well placed and guidance is available free of cost. There are many companies who have taken the initiative and are reaping profits from their baby stores. So now one definitely knows where to drop in for all the baby stuff! - The nearest baby store.