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Sunday, January 12, 2003


With increasing trend of both parents working, the duty of baby care is left either to maids who may or may not be skilled enough t handle the baby or is entrusted to the baby centers. Baby centers have come into existence in recent years. Baby centers solve the problem of mothers who find it difficult to take of care of their babies when they are not at home. As a matter of fact, baby centers are of big help in all round development of babies too. The increasing demand of baby centers has made it a good field of business as well.

Baby centers working in various cities are either working independently or are indirectly connected to some preparatory schools. Baby centers provide lots of facilities for babies who are constant source of tension for working mothers. The biggest advantages of such baby centers are that they look after the babies in the desired way as parents want. In baby centers, skilled nannies look after various things related to babies feed, cleanliness, rest and even provide knowledge regarding identification of things. Baby centers also make sure that babies learn to mix up quickly with others and also feel comfortable when are not at home. Such baby centers generally have homely environment, so the baby is able to adjust at the earliest.

Another important function of baby centers is that they provide the basic facility regarding babies’ health and makes sure that they are timely injected to avoid various diseases. Baby centers have proved of great help to working class. Hence the existence of baby centers has proved beneficial to both the parents as they can be relaxed and babies as now they need not worry as to who will take care of them in the absence of their mothers.