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Wednesday, January 15, 2003


The trend of giving gifts is there since the birth of Lord Jesus. The three kings who had got gifts for Jesus was in order to make the occasion special. Since that time each and every occasion makes everyone feel the need of giving gifts. Be it a festival, union of two different people or a birthday, all bring forth the need for exchanging gifts. Different people hold different views regarding exchange of gifts. Few say that gifts should be given as per receiver’s choice or liking, while others say that it should be according to fashion. Some hold the view that gifts should be multi purpose, while some prefer giving gifts which are of perishable nature. It is so decided that whatever be the occasion, gifts have become a compulsion and status symbol. But another vital factor that creates trouble while deciding about the gift is the availability of products for the occasion and to whom it is to be given.

To begin with, let’s first talk about availability. It is often seen that gifts for adults can be chosen faster than that for a baby. Baby gifts are difficult to choose. It is so because firstly the availability of products for babies is limited and secondly choice cannot be made quickly. Baby gifts have to be given keeping in mind what type of occasion it is. Is it the birthday or ceremony of naming a baby? Talking about availability, only few kinds of baby gifts are there in market. And it is difficult to decide among such limited choice. Baby gifts also depends on the fact that whether it is to be given to a baby boy or girl.

Also the fact that there is a standard typical version of baby gifts. For instance people ultimately settle down for toys or games or clothes when the question of choosing baby gifts arises. So one comes across a crucial problem when one needs to gift a baby. I suppose there lies a wonderful opportunity for innovative minds to reap benefits from this common problem. By setting up companies which guide in terms of choosing suitable and unique gifts for all occasions, one can definitely make choosing gifts easier for people.