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Saturday, January 18, 2003


Those times are gone when baby boys were given balls to play and girl’s were given dolls .The fast changes has completely revolutionized the term baby toy. Now baby need not depend on a ball or doll or plastic toys. The toy market is now flooded with variety of toys which are not only source of fun and recreation but are also helpful in baby’s development. Many new companies have also joined the race of providing quality baby toys. The amount of baby toys available in the market are not only educational but are of good quality too.

Baby toys are made available at the best cost, comforting parents without the stress of heavy expenses due to baby toys. Numbers of baby toys in the market are made of fine quality thin rubber and fiber, highly hygienic plastic etc. Some of the multinationals have also stepped in this field. The strength of baby toys in the market is increasing day by day. Some of the baby toys available are life size soft toys of Mickey, Donald, tweety, Scooby doo and other lot many cartoon characters. Other types of toys are hanging toys and musical toys like teddy bears, monkeys, rabbits and many more animals. The basic advantages of such toys are that they help babies to recognize animals by being at home. Some other toys are toy plus game. These baby games help in developing the brain of babies. They are basically alphabetical games in the form of cubes or squares, some jumble games etc.

Such games available in the market tend to attract large number of consumers. Hence they are very helpful for the all round development of the baby.