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Friday, January 10, 2003


An occasion demands celebration and celebration without sweets? Impossible. And what is the most important ingredient of a birthday celebration? Yes! You have guessed it right! It is a cake. And if it is a baby’s birthday then one needs to have a BABY CAKE! Yes! A baby cake. Babies are the most sensitized living beings and colors attract them.

And this is the most important factor which determines the choice of a baby cake.
One can find baby cakes of various colours and shapes upon entering a baker’s shop. In fact there are catalogues and design books which are readily available in the market to assist people in picking up the right design for the baby cake. The characters from the cartoon world readily dominate the design of baby cakes. I remember the first time I encountered a Mickey Mouse as the birthday cake on my friends baby’s birthday. I must say I was quite surprised but ever since then I have seen quite a many cartoon characters being “cut and swallowed”.

Recently there was a contest held by the Baker’s Association wherein people had to bake baby cakes and adorn them with mouth-watering stuff and of course one was to be adjudged the best. The contest brought alive almost all the colours on the baby cakes and for sure they all looked delicious.

Child psychologists reiterate babies liking towards colors and attractive shapes which makes the business of designing baby cakes a professional one. It indeed requires lot of dedication and effort to design one baby cake. to eat it for sure does not take long!