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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Teen Problems

Teenagers. Their world is filled with fun, frolic and fashion. Or so the rest of the world thinks. But in reality, teenaged years can be taxing and traumatic.

  • There are many issues that can really affect a teenager adversely. And parents of teenaged children just must know about these problems.
  • Teenagers have to cope with tremendous hormonal changes. This causes enormous mood swings, a confused state of mind and intense emotions.
  • Their bodies are changing rapidly. And they are not quite sure how to cope with it. They are self-conscious and shy, yet proud and self-important. They're still coming to terms with their sexuality. And they don't know whether to hide it or flaunt it.
  • These days, teenagers today go through tremendous exam pressures. They have to learn more, score higher and achieve far better than the previous the generations ever did. Our system of education is indeed a taxing one.
  • Many teenagers go through adolescent problems just as their parents are facing their midlife crisis. Each of them is caught up with his or her own problems. And it is a difficult situation for all.
  • Though many of them are searching for their own identity, teenagers also have an overwhelming need to conform to their friends' circle. There is an ongoing battle within each teen as to what he really wants to do in life.

    In order to help them cope better, parents should ensure that teens have adequate

  • Family support
  • Social life
  • Group academics
  • Well balanced diet
  • Close friends
  • Sense of achievement
  • Counselling if need be
  • Sport activity
  • Meditation

Parents are recommended to praise their teenaged children and not criticise them in front of others.