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Saturday, January 11, 2003


For the complete development of the body it is important that sufficient sleep is given to the body .Besides proper resting hours, development also depends on the kind of our diet, bedding structure, proper care of health etc. Such factors hold vital place especially in case of babies. If they are not given sufficient resting hours and proper form of bedding is not made available, there is a tendency of improper body structure.

Baby bedding needs to be laid down in a manner that baby feels comfortable .The foremost thing to be done is that baby should be given proper baby furniture. It may be baby bed or baby cot. Before baby is laid down in it, proper arrangements for baby covering should be there.

Babies in the beginning must not be given pillows to support their heads. After a few days babies should be given special baby head shapers so that a proper head structure is formed. Besides this, proper arrangements to cover baby during the night must be made. It can be done with the help of nets or by covering with baby sheets. During winters, baby rooms should not contain warm blowers. This so because due to excessive heat in the room, there is a possibility of suffocation. Furthermore the resistance power also reduces.

As always, there are numerous companies which are manufacturing baby bedding. This has brought a wide variety at the disposal of consumers. But as a parting note, one must seek a specialist’s opinion for selecting the right kind of baby bedding.